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To whom it may concern,

I am happy to recommend MKS Construction Group for contract work at your company.

I have had the pleasure of working with MKS Construction Group and the whole team while working at Campbell Soup as the Maintenance Business Unit Leader. MKS Construction Group has been contracted on several large projects at the Maxton, NC facility and all of the projects were met on time and within budget. They perform well at this location helping with out day to day projects that occur. MKS Construction Group is our in house contractor that has been on site for the past 8 years working hand to hand with our team helping to make sure that we are able to be productive.

MKS Construction Group stands behind their workmanship and are very willing to help in any situation. They are willing to do any job from painting to grounds clean up when asked. No job was too small for them.

Therefore, I highly recommend MKS Construction Group.

Glenn Berry

Maintenance Business Unit Leader

Campbell Soup Supply Company 

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